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Managing the Retirement of
Sage PRO and Sage PFW ERP

Sage PRO ERP & Sage PFW Retirement
and End of Life - FAQ

Trade Up and Migration Update

Push button access to the big picture.
See your business like you've never seen it before with Sage Pro 7.4 ERP-in high definition! Packed with exciting new features that can elevate your business to the next level Sage Pro 7.4 fine tunes your operations so they are fully tailored to work the way you do. An award-winning accounting and manufacturing system, Sage Pro now includes more of what you need to succeed. More automation. More easy-to-use tools. More customizable ways to fit the unique needs of your business. You can count on Sage Pro 7.4 to help improve efficiency, enhance control, and maximize profitability.

NEW! Executive Dashboard (exclusively for Sage Pro 200)
Focus on the high-value activities that can really make a difference in your business with the new Executive Dashboard. You and your executives can check the pulse of your company in seconds. And with instant access to business intelligence, easily identify issues and work to prevent problems before they happen.

You and your management team will appreciate the Dashboard's accessibility-viewable either at the office or over the Internet at any time. Quickly spot issues, filter through module information, drill down to source transactions, and communicate with stakeholders all from one central location. Best of all, you'll enjoy all the benefits of the Dashboard without having to be involved in the day-to-day transactions of Sage Pro. The Dashboard gives you the freedom to concentrate on more important things-like running your business more profitably.

  • Save time digging through data and easily prioritize your most pressing issues. Click through five smart tabs and you're instantly updated on the health of your business.
  • Chart trends and track progress for a variety of important factors, using the Favorite Views tab.
  • Quickly get the information you want in a format you understand.
  • Get and stay up to the minute with the Business Status Report (BSR) tab, which includes cash balances, forecasts, and inventory values.
  • Funnel data from your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders modules into one handy, at-a-glance view. From there, you can print, e-mail, or drill down into details with ease.
  • While working through a Web browser, use Contact view to look up your customer and vendor information through easy-to-sort lists.
  • Gain even more flexibility and communicate more proactively with your team with the Dashboard's remote access to the Message Center in Sage Pro. Plus, check your messages, return calls, and track order placement all from one screen.
  • NEW! Document Routing for Order Entry and Purchase Orders (exclusively for Sage Pro 200)
    New workflow and routing capabilities in the Order Entry and Purchase Orders modules simplify your order handling process from sales to purchasing. Leverage these powerful new features to eliminate the drudgery and monotony of tedious manual approvals and constant paper searches.

    The built-in routing offers unprecedented flexibility. Define how much or little control you want for each process with setup flexibility, along with the option to change your mind on the fly. Determine approval levels and limits, processes and routing, and configure routing to match the way you operate your business.

    You'll find that managing your workflow has never been easier.

  • Automatically or manually route documents to reviewers for approvals, including sales order printing, sales order shipping, purchase order printing, purchase order receiving, and RMA documents (when used with the new RMA module, below).
  • Define your own sequence of processes for routing various document types.
  • Use the routing tree for easy setup of workflow and routing processes, defined at the document or process level.
  • Choose from two routing types-responsibility or command - to best fit your business process.
  • Switch routing OFF or ON, at company and document-type levels.
  • Specify your own approval limitation codes.
  • Flag documents as approved, rejected, or hold for more information.
  • Re-route documents on the fly.
  • Send routing notifications using either ProAlert or the Executive Dashboard Message Center.
  • Cancel routing automatically or manually when documents are voided.
  • NEW! Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Module
    Streamlining the process of returns management can directly and favorably impact your bottom line. Now you can handle all aspects of your returns with remarkable simplicity and drastically improve visibility into your business and your warehouse. Using the new RMA module, you'll gain fresh insight into the quality of the items that you sell, while gaining tighter control of goods returned and repaired. RMA also makes it easy to create and enforce return policies that are unique to your business, and helps ensure proper application of restocking fees when appropriate. Plus, it's easy to access all return information for reporting purposes.

    Spend less time processing transactions with productivity enhancements.

  • Look up invoices from Order Entry for quick processing.
  • Control the routing approval process across multiple return types.
  • Choose automatic or manual RMA numbering.
  • Track returns by Items and Customer.
  • Drill down to documents from the RMA screen.
  • Define and control corporate policies and parameters for warranties, restocking fees, and returns.

  • Quickly set up your restocking fee application policy, warranty parameters, and allowable number of days for a return policy.
  • Allow authorized users to override warranty settings, restocking fees, and allowable days for a return.
  • Easily identify trends for varying return reasons.
  • Automatically calculate and apply restocking fees based on return reason.
  • Receive return items into various inventory locations, based on return reason.
  • Handle both refunds and repairs.
  • Keep track of repair status in conjunction with the Job Cost module.
  • NEW! Quotation and Bid Manager (exclusively for Sage Pro 200)
    Give your staff the flexibility it needs and maintain full control over your quote request process with your vendors. The new Request For Quote (RFQ) add-on module allows your staff to use the tools they're already familiar with, and still manage the entire quote request process using Sage Pro. What's more, RFQs can be automatically generated using Microsoft Word mail merge.

    Simplify your quote and bid process from start to finish.

  • Control the process of generating and updating RFQs.
  • Easily compare quotes across multiple vendors.
  • Create purchase order bids for the selected vendor.
  • Automatically or manually convert the winning bid into an order for that vendor.
  • Define RFQ entry and maintenance screens.

  • Build your own entry and maintenance screens by setting up an automated process to request quotes from multiple vendors.
  • Edit RFQs with responses from vendors.
  • Perform comparison inquiries by vendor and item.
  • Take advantage of inquiries and drill downs for easy comparisons.
  • Compare quotes in total by vendor.
  • Evaluate costs by individual item.
  • Bid generation

  • Create PO Bids for selected vendors automatically.
  • Enter part numbers from the selected vendor.
  • Generate orders from bids.
  • Automatically generate entire orders from bids by vendor.
  • Use the manual order generation process to pick selected vendor items from bids.
  • Enhanced! System Management Capabilities

  • Choose a customizable Desktop menu to fit your unique business needs.
  • A new Task List option has been added to the Desktop. Choose the Task List that suits your needs-Master, Quick Access, or the individualized My Tasks list.
  • Enjoy more flexibility with the redesigned Fiscal Calendar.
  • With up to 365 periods available, you can modify the structure of existing calendars with the redesigned Fiscal Calendar maintenance.
  • Set up your period-close functionality.
  • Process period and year-end closings using three separate routines: period or year-end updates, archiving transactions, and purging transactions. You now have greater flexibility to tailor your system to match the way you do business.

    NEW! Accounts Payable Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Enhanced Payroll EFT
    Now you can process vendor payments electronically with the new Accounts Payable EFT module. Payments are generated in Automated Clearing House (ACH) file format so that they can be easily made through the Direct Payment option in Accounts Payable. This highly useful feature is a must-have in today's competitive world of electronic commerce, credit and debit cards, and aggressive return policies. The enhanced Payroll EFT module also now supports (ACH) file formats.

    Enhanced! Manufacturing Productivity

  • Filter for approve, explode, and complete work orders.
  • Support serial numbers in work orders.
  • Roll price changes from the configuration screen into orders.
  • Add notes to individual work orders.
  • Create PO Bids easier, and produce work orders that include order quantities, supplier values, and lead times.
  • New Technology Support
    Sage Pro ERP 7.4 uses the latest technology available in Microsoft Visual FoxPro Version 9 to create a complete business management solution. From enhanced data entry forms to complex reports, Sage Pro takes advantage of the powerful Visual FoxPro toolset to provide even greater system enhancements. Technology updates in Sage Pro 7.4 also include support for Microsoft SQL 2005 and SQL Express 2005. Incorporating support for this leading-edge database technology allows you to run your operations faster and more efficiently.

    Enhanced Drill Downs
    Now your information is even more accessible with the enhanced drill-down capabilities available throughout Sage Pro. Many data fields now boast this convenient functionality to drill down wherever you need it.

    Bar Code and RFID Support in Inventory Control

  • Set up bar codes for Items, Location, Lot No, Serial No, Stores, and Bin.
  • Support both numeric and alpha-numeric bar codes.
  • Store RFID.
  • Update item ID data in Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order when you scan item bar codes online.
  • Simplify imports from files made with an RF scanner using the new Import Wizard during cycle counts.
  • Print bar code labels for Items, Locations, Lot No, Serial No, Stores, and Bin.
  • Selected Enhancements by Sage Pro Module
    The following represents only a partial list of many enhancements available in each module of Sage Pro 7.4.

  • Accounts Payable
    • Create multiple invoices for a single purchase order receipt.
    • Generate vendor aging report by vendor groupings.
    • Gain vendor and customer merge capabilities.
    • View credit card transactions on Vendor Maintenance Inquiry screen.
    • Customize the Invoice Number field.
    • Have the option to print checks in company name order.
    • Enjoy improved prepayments reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Set up defaults for credit limits, payment terms, and priority in Accounts Receivable setup.
    • Customer and vendor merge capabilities.
  • General Ledger
    • Increased account number field length.
    • Include Journal Entry memo field on General Journal reports.
  • Inventory Control
    • Perform inventory transfers across companies.
    • Add inventory items to Price Groups in mass.
    • Gain from improved functionality for physical counts.
    • Cycle counting process no longer freezes inventory records.
    • Take advantage of Where sold/Where used lot reporting.
    • More user-defined filters available for Inventory Control reports.
    • Store max/min quantities and use in recommended purchase order.
  • Job Cost
    • Add picture files to your jobs (pictures can be taken at beginning, during, and at the end of the job).
  • Message Master
    • Distribute documents to more than one recipient.
  • Manufacturing Modules
    • Gain the ability to attach files to work orders.
    • Take advantage of the improved MRP to Purchase Order link.
    • Automatically close work orders on shipment.
    • Benefit from improved capacity scheduling.
  • Order Entry
    • Print multiple copies of packing slip, independent of Sales Order or invoice printing.
    • Print Pick Tickets when saving Sales Orders.
  • Purchase Orders
    • Print receiving documents when creating purchase orders.
  • Payroll
    • Report vacation, sick, and personal time on check stubs.
    • Report adjustments in current quarter for voided check created in a previous quarter.
    • Support 401(k) contributions.
  • System Manager
    • Import directly from another Sage Pro installation.
    • Use DataDrillers (that have been added to the Favorites Toolbar).
    • Gain tighter security with user security enhancements (improved SOX Compliance).
    • Get more flexibility with an increased User ID field length of six characters.

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