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How important is the IoT to the future of your business?

The internet of things (IoT) is being heralded as a breakthrough technology that will be instrumental in enabling other next-generation technologies, such as AI, driverless cars and robotics. So far, much of the hype has focused on consumer items like…

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The Key to Staying Relevant in the Fashion Retail Space

In a hyper competitive industry such as fashion retail, implementing multiple departmental solutions piecemeal is not an effective strategy. Often retailers do not consider the consequences of how these disparate systems will interact with each other. The result is a…

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How Software Companies Can Grow with The Right Technology Solution

One of the exciting things about software and technology companies is that they operate in a rapidly evolving industry. Software and technology is unarguable one of the fastest growing industry of all. Companies can go from startup to IPO to…

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How to Digitally Manage Your Employees From “Hire to Retire”

A recent Forbes Magazine article highlighted the top 4 Key HR Trends in 2018 – number one on the list is “Shift from Employee Engagement to Employee Experience.” But with the constantly expanding spectrum of responsibilities that HR departments are…

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Leveraging B2B eCommerce Opportunities in Chemical Distribution

Gone are the days when eCommerce only meant being able to place an order online, and as we covered in a previous post, chemical distributors should at least be evaluating if eCommerce is right for their specific business model, as…

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Integrating Human Capital Management (HCM) with ERP

Some businesses anticipate that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is the only business management software they need to streamline and run their business smoothly, but in reality, that’s not the case. Every business and industry has its own unique…

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Six Reasons to Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

While it is certainly possible to create your own cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy, there are several highly desirable benefits of employing a managed plan—also frequently called disaster recovery as a service, or DRaaS. This blog post will discuss…

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eCommerce for Chemical Distributors: The Time is Now

The overall digitization transformation in the chemical industry demonstrates the capacity to move beyond the current growth and productivity levels and deliver value in terms of innovation, increased reliability and efficiency. However, perceived negatives, fear of more competition, lower market…

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Top Advantages of Managed Cloud-Based Data Backup

Securely backing up company information is crucial in ensuring that valuable data isn’t lost or compromised. While an organization can use internal resources for this task, in many cases a managed cloud engagement makes more sense. This post will discuss…

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5-Step IT Security Compliance for SMBs

What is security compliance? Being security compliant means your IT infrastructure protocols follow prevailing local and international industry standards, as well as adhere to any laws that apply in your locality. Examples include adhering to local privacy and security of…

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5 Things to Know Before Moving Your Sage 100 to the Cloud

Cloud Hosting Options for Sage 100 (MAS 90) These days it seems like everything and everyone is “on the cloud.” However, it is important to know what that means before moving your Sage 100 (MAS 90) to the cloud. There…

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Ten HR Technology Trends 2018

With 2018 predicted to be a year of more transformative development and increasingly disruptive technology advancement, HR professionals need to be on the lookout for the latest trends, and adapt them quickly to keep their companies at the forefront of…

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Sage X3 ERP is now Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management – Part of the Sage Business Cloud

With the introduction of Sage Business Cloud, Sage has renamed almost their entire product line. We mentioned some examples of the product name changes in a previous post, and in this post we’ll discuss the new name for Sage X3…

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Inventory and Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends 2018

As the year 2018 continues to roll along, there are technology trends that businesses need to be aware of if they are to stay ahead of the game this year and beyond. Some of such trends are the Warehouse Management…

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