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4 Key Questions to Ask a Managed Security Services Provider

Managed security services are becoming a critical part of the managed IT services, so for those considering a managed security approach for their organization, this post discusses some key questions you should be asking a potential managed service provider. Source:…

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Top Manufacturing Technology Predictions for 2018

As the year 2017 comes to an end and we look forward to the new year with great expectations, some extraordinary changes that will impact the manufacturing sector are forecasted to occur in the coming years. Already evident are some…

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Wholesale and Distribution: Leveraging ERP to Stay Ahead

Over the last several years leaders in the wholesale distribution space have discovered that the secret to managing customers’ demands is to take advantage of the most up-to-date, emerging capabilities that ERP and related digital technologies can offer. In addition…

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Why Managed Cloud Services Make Sense for Small Businesses

Do you work for a small business? If so, you may find you have a less-than-ideal level of IT resources. At least that is the case for many small businesses, many of which have no dedicated (or a very small)…

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IDC MarketScape Names NetSuite a Leader in SaaS and Cloud-enabled Midmarket ERP Applications

In its 2017 assessment profiling 14 ERP vendors, IDC MarketScape named NetSuite a worldwide leader in SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket ERP applications . As the IDC report notes, SaaS and cloud-enabled midmarket ERP suites are evolving at a warp speed…

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ERP for Service Industries: Why You Need More Than a Basic Accounting Solution

The common misconception that companies that do not move a physical product can survive and thrive with just a basic accounting solution is keeping many in the services industry from implementing a complete ERP solution. While a services company can…

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Sage Released Sage 100/100c 2018 Version with New Features

Sage recently released their latest version of Sage 100/100c, offering even more system enhancements to take your Sage 100 to the next level. Sage is moving quickly in what versions they will continue to support (see the chart below), so…

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Reduce Digital Overload with the Right Strategy

There’s certainly no shortage of apps and digital products that promise to make our businesses more efficient. But so much choice has its drawbacks in a digitally distracted workplace. Implementing a digital strategy can reduce wasted time and money spent…

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Cloud ERP: An Enabler for Growth

Thanks to the advent of technology, the path to growth has changed from what it used to be years ago. The present business environment is more challenging and competitive, but at the same time more saturated with opportunities for growth….

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Section 179 Tax Incentives for Technology Leasing or Purchases Before 2017 Year End

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment (including software and hardware) purchased, leased or financed during the tax year. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. Government to encourage…

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WMS for the SMB: Factors to Consider When Implementing a Warehouse Management System

In a previous post, we highlighted ten signs that indicate it’s time for a SMB to invest in a warehouse management system (WMS). This post will examine some attributes to look for when implementing a WMS, to reduce the risk…

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One from the Road, Why Sales and Customer Service Teams Need Marketing Automation

Most people associate marketing automation, or digital marketing solutions with ecommerce websites, deals of the day and monthly newsletters. All of these are certainly valid uses and are common place. They’re also examples of things that have become so common…

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Digitization Trends in the Chemical Distribution Industry

Earlier this year, The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) conducted a study to see how chemical distributors fit into the larger economy and how their efforts to enhance safety compare to other industries. The project yielded some pretty interesting…

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Weathering the Storm: Best Practices to Protect Your Data from Natural Disasters

As Hurricane Irma (now upgraded to Category 5) threatens the East Coast, Houston is still recovering from the aftermath of recent Hurricane Harvey, which has left many businesses with the challenges of getting back to normal operations. The storm caused…

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