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Live Webinar:

Should I Migrate to the SQL Sage HRMS Version?

Event Date/Time: 2/16/17 - Register Now!

When you move from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS, you will enjoy enhanced database speed and performance with SQL, tougher security protection – and most importantly – powerful new features that aren’t available in Sage Abra Suite.

Live Webinar:

Fast & Focused: Building a Custom Screen in Sage HRMS

Event Date/Time: 2/24/17 - Register Now!

In this session we will learn how to create a custom screen; what type of screen to use for various types of data and how to set up appropriate security. We will also take a look at how to populate the new screen with data and report out using Secure Query.

Live Webinar:

Improving Cash Flow Management

Event Date/Time: 03/21/17 - Register Now!

In this webinar, we focus on cash flow in the key areas of accounts payable and invoice management. Learn how by ultimately linking together accounts payable technologies with how your organization pays its suppliers, you can create greater automation and process efficiencies for optimized cash flow.

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