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For nearly 20 years Net@Work has been helping companies reach their business goals through the effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. We partner with you to grow your business by concentrating on the best use of tools to get the job done.

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We'll help wade through all the options, adapt technology to different size companies and different types of industries and translate that into success. Here is a quick look at some of the CRM programs we provide:

CRM Forensics

Every week we hear from people that are stuck or having challenges getting people to adopt CRM. Because we understand so many types of custom and name brand solutions we just say "point us to the body and we will evaluate the condition and tell you what to do next."

CRM Rescue

When you get the prognosis from a CRM Forensics the problem may be people, process or technology. With experienced consultants, analysts and developers we take many challenged customers and get them off and running without switching platforms.

Lightning Launch

While we know that some of today's CRM tools can be really straight forward to use we don't see too many organizations get where they want to go without a little advice. So we developed a program to get you either trained to understand how to configure tools or streamline a quick training program for users that last one or two days.

CRM Quick Start

This is by far our most popular program where we have a CRM implementation in a box with included customizations and training for administration and end use. While it's a little more than a Lightning Launch it can give you a highly personalized system (often integrated with ERP) in just a couple of weeks.

CRM Concierge

SMB organizations don't have huge budgets for consulting yet many of them can't get along without some advice. So we started offering Advice & Admin as our basic consulting subscription and Customization and Reporting as our Concierge Plus subscription. Clients love having the ability to call when they need some help without ringing up additional charges.

Custom Apps

Finally, almost every CRM that evolves over time has some type of decent custom application or function and we build and deliver quickly with an Agile methodology. Customers get exactly what they want in the time frame they want it.

CRM & ERP Integrations

Fast, simple and extremely flexible solutions to your ERP and CRM integration needs.

Sage CRM Integration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
NetSuite CRM Integration
Quickbooks CRM Integration
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CRM Solutions for Accounting Firms

Attract, Market, Cross-Sell Your Clients

Our focus for many years has been enabling smaller firms to grow and larger firms to get truly connected and maximize their client base.

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Recorded Webinars & Demos

Learn why it’s critical to integrate your CRM with marketing automation to empower your sales team, create competitive advantage and drive more revenue.

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If you are currently using a CRM system with less than stellar results or if you are wanting to improve your business development effectiveness give us an hour and we will give you a game plan for accelerating your business development efforts.

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Learn how an effective CRM platform can help to improve internal communication, increase revenue and lower overall cost in your organization.

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Net@Work is nationally recognized CRM consulting and CRM solutions provider working with industry leading technology vendors including Sage CRM, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM and Act-On.
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