2017 Nonprofit Accounting Predictions

By: | Category: NonProfit Industry

As the year 2017 progresses, some notable changes are forecasted to occur in the nonprofit finance and accounting sector.

Some of the foreseen changes will include a shift in the funding of nonprofits to more proactively respond to social issues, adjustments in the sharing of resources among organizations to better serve a common demographic, and structural alterations in the workforce to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule changes. In addition, organizations will likely be much more data and ROI driven, and increase their use of technology to maximize efficiency is expected.

To help demystify your future, the nonprofit finance experts at our partner Abila have compiled these 2017 nonprofit finance and accounting predictions. Accompanying each prediction are actions and ideas to help you see through the shrouded veil and ensure success in the coming year.

Read the full PDF below to see the detailed predictions and the appropriate actions to take should your organization encounter any of these changes.