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Cloud ERP vs On-Premise: The Rising Shift

With the rapid pace at which technology has been moving, experts expect that over the next decade the norm will be for organizations to move from on-premise to cloud ERP. Research firm Gartner predicts that heavily-customized, on-premise ERP deployments will…


Sage X3 Tips: How to Configure Sage X3 Screens

Before getting started working with the below Sage X3 product functionality – please use caution. Always make changes in the PILOT folder test and if working properly copy to LIVE, never make change directly to LIVE before testing. If necessary,…

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2019 Trends in The Chemical Industry

In the past, the chemical industry has been slow to invest in technology as a business differentiator. But times are changing. According to the experts at PWC, “the chemical industry may finally be approaching a tipping point, prodded by accelerating…


It’s Year End: How Can I Efficiently Begin to Inventory Our Fixed Assets?

Every year someone in your organization is wondering that very question. Whether it’s I.T., Finance or Facilities, the task remains the same, but the results vary considerably. For example, I.T. usually needs to inventory assets for tracking laptops, or servers…


Mentors: The Unsung Heroes on the Pathway to Success

On our road to success, we will encounter two kinds of people; those who encourage us and cheer us on and those who by virtue of having succeeded demonstrate to us that success is attainable. The former is called a…


Sage X3 Version 12 – 6 Key Highlights in the Upcoming New Release!

Sage has announced the upcoming release of Sage X3 – all new Version 12, which is expected to be out by year end. This article will highlight the key improvements we will see brought from version 11 to version 12….


Are you acting on your Data, in Real Time? The Chemical Industry and Business Intelligence

For the Chemical Industry or any enterprise, utilizing Business Intelligence (BI) offers a way to translate the millions of data points from operations into insights that can help leaders manage and grow the business. The whole BI domain encompasses a…


ACH Set-up and Processing with Sage X3

ACH processing and adoption is quickly becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business climate – ACH is a perfect AP option for remote work forces. Sage X3 can be setup to process ACH payments easily and efficiently. In order…

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