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Cybersecurity Outlook for 2019

We all know data is valuable, but too often we act as if it isn’t. Valuables are often secured – kept in safes, insured, treated with care. With valuable business and personal data moving around the internet all the time,…


Why You Need Lot Traceability for Your Food & Beverage Business

The food and beverage industry has certain standards when it comes to keeping track of products. But when you’re talking about tracking thousands of products, the task becomes pretty difficult to manage. That’s why Sage X3 is a must-have for…

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The Importance of Creating a Sense of Belonging

Having a sense of belonging is a common experience we all share.  Our happiness and health are inextricably connected to the feeling that we belong to a community that may share common interests and aspirations.


Sage X3 version 12 Demo

Sage recently released Sage X3 version 12 and we recently held a well-attended webinar to review and highlight all the new features. You can see the recorded demo of Sage X3 Version 12 and all its new features here. The…

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