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Why B2B eCommerce?

eCommerce has become a core requirement to any successful B2B business. In fact, numerous studies show that the majority of B2B purchase decisions begin with a Google search and that the majority of the buying process happens before a user…


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Getting the Most Out of Standard Inquiries in Sage X3

One of the great features of Sage X3 is that it comes with various methods to fetch the very specific reporting information you need. There are three types of tools you can use to create reports: 1. Requester Tool This…

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Windows 10 Upgrade Guide

There’s no doubt that now is the time to upgrade your organization to Windows 10: Microsoft will end technical assistance and no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 from January 14, 2020 onward. The clock is also ticking on…

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