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Taking Telework Cybersecurity to New Levels: How to Secure Every Device, Everywhere

Amid the global increase in remote work driven by the Coronavirus pandemic users are increasingly susceptible to attacks through malware, phishing, and targeted threats. Perimeter security deployed at the office is no longer enough to adequately defend your employees in…


Setup of Application Links in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

Objective: Create an Application Link in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) that links to a screen in Sage X3. This allows you to link specific values from you worksheet to use as a hyperlink to your Sage X3 application. You can…

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Acumatica Finance: Application of Payments to Particular Lines of AR Documents

In many industries, organizations need to manage sales and payments at a granular level, that is, by the individual lines of account receivable invoices. In previous versions of Acumatica Cloud ERP, the system allowed users to apply payments fully or…


Are You a Salesforce User? Tips and Tricks for a Remote Workforce

In a time of social distancing, many organizations are embracing remote work on a large scale for the first time. For these organizations, it can be a major cultural shift to have employees working from home. Fortunately, with CRM solutions…


Acumatica Quick Tips Video: Editing Generic Inquiries

In this quick tips video, we’ll cover editing and modifying a generic inquiry in Acumatica Cloud ERP. Watch an example as we go over step by step how to add an additional column and address line to the customers screen…


Sage 100 Complimentary eLearning: Live Training Courses

The Net at Work team is continuing to help Sage 100 users through this time by providing access to complimentary live training courses on selected topics. These Sage 100 training courses will be hosted as live web-sessions and are perfect…


Locking and Unlocking Entry Screen Columns in Sage X3

One of the many nice features of Sage X3 is that inquiries, screens, and entry screens are customizable. Quite a few of the screens have a certain number of columns frozen on them. This brief explanation will show you where…


Complimentary Web-Based Sage 300 Training Courses

Working with a reduced or remote workforce with Sage 300 has become a common requirement for many companies dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Net at Work has pulled together a “How To” series to help businesses keep moving forward by…


Offsetting the Cost of Accepting Credit Cards: Is Cash Discounting Right for Your Business?

You’ve probably been to a service station and noticed that you can get gas cheaper by paying with cash versus a credit card. This type of Cash Discounting program has gained popularity over the last few years in different industries,…

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