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Mastering eCommerce and Omnichannel as a Distributor

Wholesale customers want and expect the same kind of convenience and immediate gratification that you want as a consumer. Meeting these demands is difficult using antiquated, disparate systems that weren’t designed to tackle the rigors of today’s eCommerce and Omnichannel…


Acumatica Tips Video: User Defined Fields

In this video you’ll learn the basics about creating user defined fields in Acumatica Cloud ERP. We will cover using attributes to create them and give you an introduction to another method using customization projects. Contact us if you have…

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Checking Out Fixed Assets No Longer “Fixed”

Mobile Fixed assets are now the norm and not the exception. In fact, ‘fixed’ asset is an oxymoron in our current national crisis. I have been speaking to clients and coworkers for the past 45 days that are setting up…


Acumatica Mobile: Scanning Expense Receipts

Acumatica 2020 R1 adds the ability to apply scan expense receipts from its mobile app. In Acumatica ERP 2020 R1, users can now scan expense receipts to simplify the process of creating records on the Expense Receipts screen. When a…


Acumatica Finance: Check Register Inquiry

Acumatica ERP 2020 R1 added the ability to easily see check applications. A new inquiry form, Check Register (AP404500), lets Acumatica Cloud ERP users find out whether a particular check number has been used and, if it has, by which…


Implementing Standard Orders to Ship Calendar Gadget in Sage X3

Sage X3 comes with a standard out-of-the-box, Orders to Ship Calendar. The benefit of using this gadget is to give the user insight into all orders based on required delivery date from a calendar visualization perspective. This allows for better…


Streamline and Simplify your Rebate Management Processes

More and more, distribution companies are having to manage contracts between the manufacturers they represent (suppliers) and the customers they sell those products to. In some industries this is referred to as rebate management, others call it customer pricing support…


Solving Field Service Management Challenges with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Effectively managing the challenges of field service operations requires a business management solution like Acumatica Cloud ERP which has built-in functionality designed specifically to meet the needs of Field Services. In our upcoming webcast we’ll show how the Acumatica Field…

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