A Business Journey Day 2 Recap

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As I continue my Business Journey! #N@WJourney, the goal for the day was to make it to the Big Texan and stop singing Amarillo by Morning. It quickly became apparent that the biggest obstacle of the day was going to be the sheer distance we had to cover and overcoming the exhaustion that had set in.

Obstacle # 1 – Overcoming Exhaustion. – Remedy #1 became cracking the music load enough so that the cars driving next me me could here it. At first this wasn’t working, simply because I didn’t find the right music. Day 1 I was in a country mood, but that wasn’t working on day 2, apparently I needed a beat. So one of my Son’s favorite songs did the trick, Shawn Mendes – There’s Nothing Holding Me Back and was repeated several times getting my energy level back up.

Remedy # 2 – Mountain Dew, enough said.

Remedy # 3 – Books on CD. This was first for me, but I’ve heard others say it really works, guess what they were right. 3 hours of Harry Potter made the time fly by, will finish off the book today.

Obstacle # 2: Navigating 17 Wheelers. Yes I know it’s 18 wheelers, but in this case it was a 17 wheeler as a truck had lost a tire and the tire tread remained in the middle of the road. I was passing a truck on the left with my wife right behind me, when out of nowhere the tire tread appeared in the lane to the right. The truck I was passing proceeded to run over the tread and in the process the tread went fly over into our lane missing me but landing in the path of my wife. It all happened so fast, but at the same time I could see time slow down and noticed that the tread laid flat just as my wife ran over it. Once we get to Phoenix, we will get things checked out, but after a first inspection in Amarillo everything seems to be OK with the van.

Off to experience another day of adventures, New Mexico next, and eventually Scottsdale later tonight.

P.S. Thanks for your prayers, they seem to be working, keep them coming!

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