A Message from the Sage X3 Team

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The Sage X3 team wants you to know that we are here for you!  We are standing by ready to assist you with all your technology needs and challenges as we move into some uncharted waters with the Coronavirus pandemic.

As many of us experience some slowness in business, it’s important that we use this time to deliver important information about efficiencies for your business and technology systems. Let’s work together on projects that will make your business more streamlined and automated while you have some extra bandwidth.

Be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts and webinars that we know you’ll find very valuable, such as:

  • Automation in Accounts Payable – enabling secure remote work
  • Cash Management with Sage X3
  • Remote printing with Sage X3
  • Tips and tricks for month-end processing in Sage X3
  • How to ensure your Sage X3 is performing optimally
  • Important KPIs to monitor business health
  • Optimizing Sage X3 security and performance using a private cloud
  • Payroll Continuity: Coronavirus and Beyond
  • Sage X3 and Microsoft CRM integration

Of course, Net at Work can also help you with moving to a more remote workforce that is as effective and efficient as before.  Our team is spread across the US and LATAM and we are very comfortable working with our clients and colleagues remotely.  We all love a good video chat – give us a call!

Net at Work announced today some programs to support your new priorities and to do business more easily with our teams including:

  • Waiving all credit card fees for any Net at Work invoices
  • Free setup and expedited approval for your business to be set up to receive credit card payments from your clients
  • Free cloud setup for your mission critical applications
  • Free Payroll Contingency/Continuity Support
  • Net at Work will pay your interest fees for financing. Approval is required

Remember, we are your business technology partners and can help with more than your ERP. We are your go-to team of problem solvers and promise keepers, standing by to unleash the transformative power of your technology!