Accounts Payable Tips and Tricks for MAS 90/200

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Recording and Transferring Vendor Credit Card Payments: When you pay for products or services using a credit card, the payment record in history will show the credit card company, not the individuals vendors. However, you may still want to track the expense to the actual vendor for reporting purposes. To do this you can set up the credit card company as a Credit Card Vendor and then transfer the amounts paid to the vendor who actually provided the products or services. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Vendor Maintenance and enter the vendor number used to pay the credit card company or add the vendor if it does not already exist.
  2. On the Main tab, on the lower-right side, check the box for Credit Card Vendor and accept.
  3. Create the invoices that were paid by credit card on the vendor account by processing an Accounts Payable Invoice or Purchase Order Receipt of Goods with an invoice number or Receipt of Invoice.
  4. Open Accounts Payable/Main/Invoice Data Entry, select the Credit Card Vendor account and enter an invoice number that you would like to create for payment on that account and enter the total amount you want to transfer.
  5. On the Lines tab, click the Transfer Information button to open the Update Purchase Vendor window.
  6. Select the vendor account in which the invoices were created and select the invoice to be paid.
  7. The invoice date and balance will automatically be populated and the transfer amount will default to the full balance but can be overridden. Enter any discount amount and select the OK button. A detail line will be created for the Credit Card Vendorís invoice. Select the OK button and you can select the transfer button again to complete the amount being transferred.
  8. Accept the invoice and print the Invoice Register and update it.

A new invoice now exists for the Credit Card Vendor and the invoices that were created on the original vendor show a payment transaction with a check number that begins with a C.

Checks Do Not Display On AP Check History
You must select the Track Detailed Invoice/Payment History check box in Accounts Payable Setup options in order to be able to review checks in AP Check History. Once the option is selected, future checks will show on the report, but it will not recreate records for checks that have previously been posted.

Discounts Not Applied On Accounts Payable Invoices
If you find that discounts have not been applied on the Invoice Payment Selection Register after selecting invoices for payment using Invoice Payment Selection through Accounts Payable Check Printing, the following tips may help resolve the problem:

  1. Verify invoices selected for payment have discount dates that are on or after the date selected in the Discount Due Date field.
  2. Invoices that have had payments previously applied will not apply discounts even if there are discounts available to be taken. To apply discounts to these invoices, they must be manually entered in the Discount Amount field in Check Maintenance.