Acumatica Finance: Application of Payments to Particular Lines of AR Documents

By: | Category: ERP

In many industries, organizations need to manage sales and payments at a granular level, that is, by the individual lines of account receivable invoices.

In previous versions of Acumatica Cloud ERP, the system allowed users to apply payments fully or partially to only an accounts receivable (AR) invoice as a whole. As a result, if an invoice was partially paid, the payment could not be linked to specific lines of it.

Acumatica ERP 2020 R1 introduces the ability to enter payments for accounts receivable documents by individual lines. You can now apply payments to specific lines of an invoice in Acumatica! When the “Payment Application by Line” feature is enabled on the Enable/Disable Features (CS100000) form, users can still apply payments fully or partially, but they can also select whether to apply payments to the entire document or to individual document lines.

If the “Retainage Support” feature is able enabled on the Enable/Disable Features form, users can now track retainage by the induvial document line.


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