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Updated list of shortcuts for Sage X3 version 12

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Everyone loves a quick way to get things done. Periodically, Sage updates the shortcut combos for Sage X3. You can find these listed in the online help center or you can read below for a handy list of the most useful shortcuts and bookmark this page for later use.

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Some of these shortcuts remain the same from prior versions, but some have changed so make sure to read through them thoroughly.

First up are the Ring panel shortcuts:

Next, are the navigation for records. For example, next record or previous record:

Right underneath that we have the tabs for the screens. So, each tab will be a number. This also is automatically picked up to increment numbers when you add custom tabs like EDI. If you added EDI tab after Lines (for example) it would be ESC+5. This can go up to zero (0). Zero (0) comes after 9 which makes no sense until you look at your keyboard. Then it makes a lot of sense.

Then we have some quick navigation:

We also have the online help (no picture) which is just ESC+F1. You get function help when you have no focus (no cursor on a field) and you get field help if you are focused on a field.

Here is the complete list of updated shortcuts:

Right Panel Shortcut Action
Esc N New
Esc B Save
Esc C Create
Esc D Delete
Esc E Cancel
Esc Alt U Refresh
Esc Alt P Print
Esc Alt A Attachment
Esc Alt C Comment
Esc Ctrl (P or L) Export
Record Navigation Shortcut Action
Esc Shift J First record
Esc J Previous record
Esc K Next record
Esc Shift K Last record
Page Navigation Shortcut Action
Esc 1 First screen tab
Esc 2 Second screen tab
Esc 3 Third screen tab
Esc 4 Fourth screen tab
Esc Up Arrow Moves one section up
Esc Down Arrow Moves one section down
Page Up Scrolls one frame up
Page Down Scrolls one frame down
Up Arrow Scrolls one line up
Down Arrow Scrolls one line down
Primary Shortcuts Action
Esc G N Go to homepage
Esc G B Opens bookmarks
Esc G H Opens navigation menu
Help Shortcuts Action
Esc F1 Triggers online help:
– When focus is on a field will call field help
– When there is no focus will call function help
Table Shortcuts Action
Esc Ins Inserts a new line
Esc Del Deletes a line
Esc R Expand/Shrink all columns
Left List Shortcuts Action
Esc F5 Refresh the left listing
Esc F11 Toggle left bar
Esc H L Does the same thing as Esc F11
Esc Shift Left Arrow Move from the entry screen to the left list
Field Shortcuts Action
Esc F4 Allows to navigate within fields with lookups
Esc F9 Allows to tunnel on fields with the ability to tunnel
Esc F12 Allows to navigate fields with dropdown menus
Esc L Does the same thing as Esc F12
Esc M Does the same thing as Esc F4
Miscellaneous Shortcuts Action
Esc S Opens the search function
Esc W Z Reset user preferences
Esc T Set date to today’s date
Esc F6 Opens the field properties
Esc Q Go to the first filter row
Esc F7 Does the same thing as Esc S

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