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Are you running an older version of Sage Accpac ERP? You may have chosen not to upgrade to save the time and expense involved. However, with the efficiencies you gain in upgrading to newer versions it is likely you will quickly recoup those costs. A slower period in the economy is the perfect time to plan and execute an upgrade. Your staff may have more time for training and testing, and your organization will be positioned to add more business as the economy improves. In this article we will review the features and capabilities added in each of the past four Sage Accpac releases.

Sage Accpac Version 5.6

The latest release, Version 5.6, benefits from all the updates in previous releases plus includes even more functionality and features.

  • Sage Accpac Intelligence helps you make better, faster decisions. You can quickly build reports using familiar Microsoft® Excel® and spend more time focusing on analysis and less time pulling data together.
  • Built-in Accounts Receivable Inquiry tool helps accelerate collection efforts and improve cash flow.
  • Improved workflow in Bank Services provides a clear view of your cash position.
  • Reduce risk of penalties and fees through new Payroll functionality.
  • Lower operations costs through better inventory management.


Sage Accpac Version 5.5

  • The Business Intelligence Dashboard provides management with easy access to key performance indicators, such as accounts receivable aging and sales analysis.
  • SageCRM is bundled with Sage Accpac to integrate your front and back office, delivering a complete view of your customers, and empowering your staff to work together to build profitable customer relationships.
  • The ability to change, combine, and copy key masterfiles such as Customers and Item numbers provides flexibility.
  • Ops Inquiry tool included with Order Entry saves time and reduces errors.
  • Multicurrency revaluation enhancements and language overlays smooth global commerce.
  • Faster data throughput and multi-user enhancements speed data entry and posting.


Sage Accpac Version 5.4

This great release focused on over 250 user-requested enhancements that improved usability, productivity, and reporting throughout the system. Here are just a few highlights of what you can do:

  • Specify by customer if you wish to use the lower of contract prices or any special offers currently in effect.
  • For convenience, assign customer item numbers to inventory items, and then use those numbers during order entry.
  • To speed entry, copy an order from one customer to another, and then make changes.
  • Check a customer’s available credit based on pending transactions in both Accounts Receivable and Order Entry in addition to their aged transactions.
  • Check the price of an item to ensure it is not below a specified cost or margin.
  • Drill down at every level of the order, shipment, and invoice process to uncover the details behind your data.
  • Find orders quickly with the ability to inquire into sales orders by order status.


Sage Accpac Version 5.3

  • The Payroll module is enhanced with the ability for staff to enter their own time remotely; a new Employee Activity window provides a detailed view of employee statistics and checks; and improvements to EFT Direct Payroll including support for additional calculations for multiple bank accounts.
  • A new Receipt Inquiry window allows you to view customer receipts by a variety of statuses and transaction types.
  • Integration of Purchase Order and Project Costing—track committed and actual quantities and costs by project, contract, and category.
  • A new Payment Inquiry window allows you to view Vendor payments by a variety of statuses and transaction types.


Are you ready to upgrade? We would be happy to assist you in planning a smooth upgrade that is sure to give your organization a tremendous productivity boost.

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