Best Practices to Prepare for Natural or IT Disasters

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

With the potential impact of natural disasters and other disruptive events, you must be protected with a disaster, emergency response and business continuity plan. In a proper plan, 3 critical components that are planned for protection are People (employees, customers), Information and systems, and Facilities.

In a recorded webcast we outline the 10 best practices to prepare for natural or IT disasters as developed by the American Red Cross and our partner Axcient. You will learn key steps to help keep your employees safe and business running through any disaster scenario, including:

  • Preparing a Disaster and Emergency Response Plan to protect your employees, business assets and IT infrastructure
  • Business Continuity 6-Step Plan
  • Real demonstrations of how to maintain continuous IT uptime during a disaster

Watch now and learn best practices to keep your businesses protected and productive. Because no business has time for downtime.