Bring Your Own (BYO) Device Management

By: | Category: IT / Infrastructure

If you have yet to consider an employee-owned or “Bring Your Own” (BYO) Device Management Program – we suggest giving it some thought. With a program in place you’ll be ready for any computer, smartphone, iPad or future device that comes along and employees will be more productive on the latest technology of their choice. Plus, IT’s offload of device management frees up time for more strategic initiatives.

A BYO Program encourages employees to bring in their own computing devices to work, where the company provides a cost-effective, secure and sustainable personal device management system. Employees have the option to choose their device rather than corporate-owned, standard/cloned devices. This reduces the complexity and division between personal and business computing by providing employees the convenience to work from their own device.

Using a desktop virtualization/ virtual computing solution you can give employees the freedom and flexibility to get the job done on any personal computer without consequence. You can: Deliver corporate windows desktops and apps instantly on any OS. Implement enterprise-wide security policies and retain ownership of corporate data on employee owned devices, and reduce long-term device management and support costs by implementing a BYO/stipend program that requires minimal upfront cost.

If you’re thinking of a implementing BYO program, our systems specialist can work with you in developing appropriate policies for employee-owned systems and review the virtualization solutions available.