Predict or Pray, You Know the Better Way: Business Intelligence Tools for Sage 300

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How Do You Run Your Business?

Do you use real strategic and tactical planning, or just hope for the best? I think we can all agree that having a good plan, based on real data – something you can take effective action on – is the better way. But let’s be honest – all too often we hope for the best.

You see sales projections that look great, but in fact they are wishful thinking and not real. Or you look at your AR, your inventory, but the data is too much, cannot really see trends, dangers, or opportunities.

Why Does This Happen?

You have all the data, it’s in your Sage 300 ERP and in some cases CRM, but you are relying on historical reports, asking: what was my profit last year, last month, what are my over 90 days AR, how has my inventory changed compared to last year. All this information is a little too late. By the time AR is 90 days you are likely in trouble, turns into lower sales, excessive inventory, and other issues.

What is the Solution?

There are many great Business Intelligence tools for Sage 300. But they cost too much you might say. I don’t have time or staff to use them. Well think about that for a minute. Take the time to consider the real ROI, your Net at Work Account Manager or one of our solution specialists would be more than happy to help. In most cases you will see that these solutions pay for themselves in months. Then you are in the black.

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, you have got to be able to act fast. In the distribution business, check out Sage Inventory Advisor, an amazing tool for managing your inventory in a proactive way in these turbulent times. We also have a great solution for AR in TaiRox CRM. For more in-depth details and information please watch the videos below.

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