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Why SMBs are Migrating off of Windows Server 2003

As Memorial day weekend approaches, it is another reminder how quickly July 14, the day Microsoft ends support for Windows Server 2003, is approaching. If you are running Windows Server 2003, we want to make sure we are doing what we can to advise you on your options and what it means if your business is still running it after July 14, 2015.


Windows Server 2003 – Path to Migration

With a little over 3 months before Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS), you should have already begun your planning to migrate your applications off of Windows Server 2003. Starting your planning and migration today is the only way to ensure that come July 14th, 2015 your critical applications and workloads are safely and securely running. In this post we include some suggested steps towards a smooth Windows 2003 Server Migration.

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Windows Server 2003 End of Support – An Opportunity for Transformation

In July 2010, Microsoft transitioned from providing mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 to releasing critical patches only. July 14, 2015 marks another transition, this time the end of Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003/R2. Now is the time to understand that the end of support and the end of life of Windows Server 2003 means that your business needs to ensure that it has a plan to migrate the applications and workloads currently relying on Windows Server 2003 onto Windows Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Azure.


Cloud-based Applications to Enhance MAS 90 ERP

You likely have heard the term cloud computing; it is a paradigm shift in the way we use software technology to manage our businesses. Here we cover some benefits of cloud computing and available cloud-based applications for Sage ERP MAS…


Data Security in the Cloud

Many considering cloud computing raise concerns about the security of data being stored and accessed online. What’s important to consider is that good providers adhere to strict privacy policies and sophisticated security measures, with data encryption being one example. Companies…


Benefits of Sage SalesLogix Cloud

I recently discussed the Sage SalesLogix Cloud with Sage and the benefits that having a cloud option provides (Watch video). As I thought more about my comments I realized that what many users want in their technology lives today is…


When The Clouds Bring The Rain…

2010 has been a year marked with unprecedented hype around cloud computing. It seems like everywhere you turn a new cloud solution finds its way to the market place. But with all this hype should come a moment of pause….


If You’re Thinking SaaS or Cloud Did You Consider Virtualization?

Earlier this week I wrote a blog for the Sage ERP Business Management Blog titled 5 Reasons CFOs Are Embracing On-Premise Software. I wrote about how many companies have been taking a closer look at on premise CRM solutions after…

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