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Proven Practices that Fuel Profits for Chemical Manufacturers

Over time, many chemical manufacturers and distributors have pieced together legacy systems and customizations that have led to silos of data and cumbersome processes. Burdened by aging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, company leaders are forced to make decisions based…


Why Now is the Time to Consider Manufacturing ERP

New technologies and a changing economy have led manufacturers of all sizes to invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, allowing them to turn industry challenges into competitive advantages. To review these trends and what’s new in Manufacturing ERP we…

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ERP in Process Manufacturing

A recent Aberdeen Survey on process manufacturers identified the top pressures driving their ERP strategies, the key functionality necessary for success, as well as the benefits of ERP in process manufacturing. Their research found that while there are some capabilities…


Sage Inventory Advisor Reduces Excess Inventory and Eliminates Stock Outs

Are you experiencing inventory stock-outs? Do you struggle with excess inventory? Sage Inventory Advisor is a cloud-based and mobile solution that connects to your Sage ERP systems (works with Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500 and Sage ERP X3) to…


Wholesale Distributors Challenges Can be Solved With ERP Solutions

In this post, we share a video by Sage that illustrates how wholesale distributors can improve profitability via a modern ERP Solution. The two minute video details how Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) can help distribution companies boost profit by…


Choosing Manufacturing Software recently posted a piece by Jean Huy of Sage North America outlining the steps manufacturing businesses should use in determining whether or not they are ready to adopt a new manufacturing system. In the article he suggests these questions…


Sage ERP X3 Inventory Movement and Control Functions

As was discussed in a previous blog post, warehouse management systems (WMS) / inventory control systems are a great way to leverage ERP system investments with a critical business requirement. A firm can do that by making use of native…


Sage ERP X3 Warehouse Management Functions

Inventory is an important part of many companies livelihood whether they are retail, wholesale, manufacturing or a hybrid firm. And yet many businesses have not invested in the information systems that would allow them to grow more efficient and scale…


Sage MAS 500 v7.4: Digging Deeper Into Inventory Calculations

Upgrading your Sage ERP MAS 500 system can be time consuming, costly, and disruptive. In this post, we dig a little deeper into the Version 7.4 enhancements relating to inventory calculations. We think you will find these new capabilities compelling…


Optimizing Inventory Management in Sage MAS 90 MAS 200

Performance excellence is a process rather than an end result, requiring a business to continuously examine and refine standard operating procedures across the organization. In this post, we focus on  the powerful capabilities of the Inventory Management module of Sage…

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