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My Net at Work Summer Internship Part 3: Farewells and Looking Forward

It’s no secret that workplaces want employees to engage with one another. Corporate team building has shown to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Meanwhile, even the subtext of branding a newly renovated office space as a “huddle room” opposed to…


My Net at Work Summer Internship Part 2: A Huddle Room Divided

We face so many external forces urging us to choose between two. There are big binary choices such as whether to accept a marriage proposal. Then there are small ones such as between ordering a bowl or burrito at Chipotle….

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My Net at Work Summer Internship: The First in a Series

When performing technology intensive work, it’s not uncommon to feel people being reduced to data. For instance, when importing  hundreds of contacts into a marketing database, it’s easy to forget that each entry represents a living breathing person. Or when…

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