Cloud-based Applications to Enhance MAS 90 ERP

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You likely have heard the term cloud computing; it is a paradigm shift in the way we use software technology to manage our businesses. Here we cover some benefits of cloud computing and available cloud-based applications for Sage ERP MAS 90.

Cloud Computing Cleared Up

Providers of cloud computing deliver applications via the Internet. The applications are accessed from web browsers, while the software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. This means you can take advantage of application functionality, without having to deal with the complexities of installing and maintaining the software. Cloud computing is ideal for software applications where government regulations and calculations change frequently. When you contract for the service the provider keeps the software current for you.

Sage Connected Services

Sage Connected Services can be very useful for current on-premise Sage ERP MAS 90 users. Each service connects directly into your on-premise system to enhance your solution. The services include payroll e-filing, sales tax calculations, secure credit card transactions, e-marketing, and customer credit monitoring.

Federal And State e-Filing And Reporting, Powered By Aatrix

If you run payroll inhouse, this e-filing solution is a huge timesaver. In addition to the ability to e-file Form W2s for less than $2 per employee, you also can e-file over 250 federal, state, and local forms and reports such as Unemployment and Withholding. The integration with Sage ERP MAS 90 automatically populates the forms and reports with your data; you simply review, make changes, and submit the reports electronically.

Sage Sales Tax, Powered By Avalara

If you calculate and pay sales tax in multiple jurisdictions, this software service is a great time saver. The software reads customer address information in Sage ERP MAS 90 and automatically performs address validation and rate calculation. The solution also automates the tedious process of filing sales tax returns.

Credit Card Processing, Powered By Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Payment Solutions automatically connects to Merchant Accounts for secure credit card authorizations and settlements. Data encryption ensures your organization is compliant with the Payment Card Industry data security standard. The Credit Card Processing module is free with a Sage Payments account.

Sage eMarketing, Powered By Swiftpage

This e-marketing service is fully integrated with SageCRM Version 7.1 so you can create custom, personalized e-mail marketing campaigns. It includes over 90 templates and a simple three-step wizard for rapid execution. You can create landing pages for easy execution of cohesive, integrated marketing campaigns.

Sage SmartBusinessReports

Sage SmartBusinessReports powered by Experian offers you easy-to-read business credit reports on your customers, and can send alerts if a credit rating changes.

Each of these services are available for an affordable monthly subscription fee. Give us a call with your questions.