Cloud ERP: An Enabler for Growth

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Thanks to the advent of technology, the path to growth has changed from what it used to be years ago. The present business environment is more challenging and competitive, but at the same time more saturated with opportunities for growth.

Legacy systems, QuickBooks or other solutions that got you to your current size may no longer make the cut in today’s digital economy. Driving your business to the next level of growth will require that you start thinking big before you have the budget or the staff of a large enterprise.

Traditionally, there are only so many different ways in which you can grow your business, you either add new products (or product lines) or sell more of the products/services you already offer. While this process remains the same, in today’s fast-paced world, it needs to happen at a higher speed to have real impact on growth. Innovation and new product introduction needs to happen at an accelerated rate, because today’s consumers are expecting everything to happen more quickly. This is why you cannot afford for lack of collaboration and integration between those on the front lines of your business and those designing the next new offering, approach to market, or even new business models.

Businesses need to leverage technology in order to manage, maintain control, reduce risk, and do so at a rapid pace. Advance technology and the internet has made it possible for competitors and consumers to distribute worldwide. Your business cannot afford to take years to implement solutions and you may not have the financial wealth, resources or time needed to build out infrastructure half a world away from your established locations. Therefore, a modern, technology-enabled, integrated ERP solution running in the cloud may just be the ticket to scale your business.

Why Cloud ERP May Be the Best Fit for You

The access any time, from anywhere nature of a cloud ERP is conducive to supporting distributed users and bringing up remote sites rapidly and easily. Less capital expenditure is required, and there is no need to build out a data center, or put hardware or a huge information technology (IT) staff in country. Plus, solutions delivered as software as a service (SaaS) reach their first go-live milestone faster than in traditional, on-premise deployments (Mint Jutras Research). Additionally, SaaS solution providers deliver added security, and the assurance of business continuity in the event of a disaster, either natural or man-made.

Growing in the Cloud

To capitalize on growth opportunities that today’s market offers, you need the right technology. The cloud can be a tremendous facilitator of growth. Solutions that were born in the cloud are much more modern and are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s business.

If you are looking to enhance your business with a modern technology solution, contact us today to learn more about how cloud solutions can help your business grow.