Benefits & Features of ConnectPoint

Low Cost, Highly Effective Data Entry
Significantly reduce employee time spent on manual data-entry and eliminate time wasted searching for lost or misplaced documents.

Fast, One-Click Document Indexing and Retrieval
Immediately address customer and vendor inquiries by retrieving relevant documents in seconds.

Increase Workflow Efficiency by Saving Useful Searches
Each staff member or manager can save their commonly-used searches to retrieve documents by any index field (Status, Type, Invoice Number, Vendor Name). These searches can be shared or saved privately.

Mark Documents with Standard and Custom Stamps, e.g. Your Signature
Improve efficiency and transparency of workflow in every department.

Organizational Collaboration
Efficiently collaborate across departments within your organization.

Add Structure to How Your Documents Are Managed
Use an index value to track a document through a routed process (e.g. Approved, Pending, New  etc).

Data Protection and Security
Choose level of security per document and give access to only those staff members or departments who need it.

Reclaim Valuable Work Space
No need to keep multiple, large filing cabinets in-house: reclaim your office!

Reduce Carbon Footprint
Ease of on-screen access to commonly‐used documents means you can save paper and ink by reducing the demand for multiple copies and printing of the same document.

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