Sage X3 Container Management: Chemical Industry Add-on

By: | Category: Distribution / Manufacturing, ERP

In an effort to address the unique business requirements of the chemical manufacturing and distribution industry Net at Work has developed an all-inclusive container tracking & management solution, which has been developed as a critical component of the Net at Work ERP Chemical Add-on for Sage X3 (Enterprise Management).

Specialized reusable packaging represents a large capital investment for many chemical companies. For this reason, these high capacity re-usable containers are often leased or loaned to a customer who places a deposit at the time of ordering.

Because the containers represent a significant financial investment, it is important to have a streamlined process to monitor deposit collections, locations of the containers, container returns, and cleaning & maintenance of the containers.

Net at Work solution architects have designed a process using Sage X3 native functionality to meet the business requirements for tote management for tracking and charging reusable totes, drums, and other containers.

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