Coronavirus Update from Microsoft: Free Trial of MS Teams Collaboration Tool Available

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The concerns over coronavirus have led to an increase in remote work in recent weeks, and more and more businesses are requesting employees to work from home. As a result we have seen an increase in demand for cloud, collaboration and video tools like Teams, Slack and others.

Microsoft is now offering free six-months trial to the premium version of Microsoft Teams, a part of Office 365. The free version of Teams limits users in terms of calling and meeting features, so Microsoft is offering the paid version free for a longer timeframe to help support remote work and global health.

If your organization is licensed for Office 365, you already have MS Teams, so please reach out to us for any Microsoft Teams assistance, access, training etc. needed.

Here is a detailed post from Microsoft with more details:

At this time we want to encourage all organizations to pause and consider an action plan, and your ability to support a fully remote workforce if the need arises.

We are here to assist your continuity plans and ensure your work from home plans are in order with the right technology in place for remote working, collaboration and security.

Stay healthy!