Net at Work Empower Accounting Firm Marketing & Business Development

CRM for CPAs
The new speed of business moves as fast as the internet. Professional firms like those in the accounting world understand the ever changing business environment and what it takes to not just survive but thrive in this very competitive world. In fact, the change is happening so fast that now many firms have started to expand their marketing and business development teams.

The “Secret Sauce”

In order to bring sales and marketing efforts into perfect harmony Net at Work has partnered with Sage Software and Act-On to deliver a seamless end to end system that will turn clicks into clients, and help firms optimize clients from working with one practice area to as many practice areas that make sense for these clients.

Many technologists get way complicated when talking about “multi-channel” marketing and “social” marketing. The reality is that whether you are nurturing through email communications, showing testimonials through YouTube, or posting to Twitter the real challenge is how to understand what different interactions mean and when they should trigger people activity.

The secret to optimizing the marketing effort is knowing how your target’s electronic footprint through email, your web site, events or any social outlet is transformed into actionable triggers for your business development reps, partners, or practice leaders.

CRM With an Accounting Focus

targetAdd to the mix a Customer Relationship Management system from Sage Software that has been optimized for accounting firms. Imagine a world where your tax, audit and compliance practices all have meaningful dashboards with all proposals and bids currently in process with critical notifications in the proposal development process.

Having this information highly integrated with Outlook and Exchange means that from the associate through partner every prospect and client and their entire history (including web activity) is visible on any browser and any device.

Our focus for many years has been enabling smaller firms to grow and larger firms to get truly connected and maximize their client base. Contact us to see how we can partner with you to do the same.