CyberSecurity and Establishing a Cyber SMART Work Environment

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With increasing cyber-attacks and threat of a cybersecurity breach to small and medium sized businesses, the need for education on cybersecurity has never been greater.

The financial impact to small businesses from ransomware, phishing emails, and social engineering schemes are extremely costly & many hackers work undetected until their victim receives notification of a lawsuit or a subpoena from the authorities.

It is important that organizations be aware of their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and know what to do to protect their business. To educate businesses on how to be proactive about their cybersecurity, we held a webcast joined by experts at Abacode Cybersecurity to discuss five topics that business leaders need to address in order to establish a Cyber S.M.A.R.T. work environment, including, Managed Threat Detection, Advanced Threat Reponses and Real-Time Optimization.

Recorded Webinar

Cyber Security

Growing Cyber Attacks on the Business Community

Watch this web session to get education and training on what your organization can do to minimize the risk of a cyberattack.