Cybersecurity: The New Business Priority

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When will your Company Suffer a Security Incident?

In the annual PwC, CIO and CSO Global State of Information Security Survey of more than 9,600 global executives, 41 percent of US respondents had experienced one or more security incidents during the past 1 year. And that number is rising. Respondents reported financial losses, intellectual property theft, reputational damage, fraud, and legal exposure, among other effects. So the question is not if, but when will your company become a target for cyber-attacks.

With the number of threats and the sophistication of attacks increasing, safeguarding intellectual property, financial information, and your company’s reputation is a crucial part of business strategy that can no longer recede in the background of executive attention. But unfortunately, information security is often put aside for more pressing issues of the day, and many companies end up taking the reactive approach rather than the proactive, prevention and detection methods to combat cybersecurity risks.

Companies that wait for a security incident to happen before taking actions often resort to damage-control, as the company deals with stolen customer data, disclosure of confidential financial information, a disabled Web storefront, or worse. Can your company afford this? The answer is most likely no. Then there’s the question of how to respond to customers and shareholders when a
data breach does occur.

At this point, most would agree that information security deserves full attention at the highest levels of the company.

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