Don’t take the Process out of Business Process Automation

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Adopting advanced technology to automate key aspects of your business can save time and money, and an increasing number of enterprises are doing so. But without proper planning you will be looking at a negative impact on your bottom line.

Automation is one of several tools available in a business’ arsenal today to improve efficiency. However, businesses have to go through a proper planning process before applying automation altogether. Having a well thought-out checklist, in tandem with your CTO, technology consultant and key members of your staff, will be the difference between a well-run operation and a complete waste of time and resources.

So what steps should be taken to clearly identify process improvements and developing a plan for how the automation tool(s) should work for you? Edward Solomon, Co-founder of Net at Work recently wrote on this topic for the SmartCEO Thought Leadership Series and outlined some important points to remember.

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