Driving Business Results with your HR System – The Case for a Human Capital Management (HCM) Business Process Review

By: | Category: Employee Experience

Organizations faced many challenges during the pandemic. For HR, this included managing a remote workforce, providing COVID-19 support to employees and their families, and managing the ever-changing landscape of regulations. These challenges put a strain on processes and systems like never before, and now more than ever, human resources professionals need to rely on their Human Capital Management systems to not only increase efficiencies and reduce administration but also obtain strategic insight using people data so the company can thrive.

Businesses want to attract new customers, improve employee productivity, and keep up with competitive pressures. For HR, this means recruiting and retaining top talent, maximizing the employee experience, and combining HR data with other business data for deeper insights. But how does an organization know they are maximizing the use of their HR systems to achieve these results? From recruiting to retirement, are processes defined and refined? Are applications tracking the right data for business making decisions? Is your technology enabling you to digitally transform your business for the future?

A thorough Human Capital Management Business Process Review can help answer these questions. An HCM Business Process Review can help businesses identify gaps and discover opportunities within the HR space. This type of BPR is laser-focused on the role of Human Resources and the technology it uses to meet the goals of the company. BPR’s provide valuable understanding of HR’s impact on the organization and identifies where there may be process gaps or inefficiencies (duplicate processes, dual entry of data, etc.). It also identifies areas that could be streamlined with better technology and automation. This leads to setting HR strategic direction that aligns with the changing needs of the business. There are many other results that typically occur due to an HCM BPR, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better employee satisfaction
  • Reduced compliance risk
  • Better integration across technologies
  • Organization agility

Net at Work has assisted many customers with facilitating process reviews with maximized results. In one case, the review revealed several inefficiencies in a company of approximately 3,500 employees. This resulted in system and process configuration changes that ultimately decreased manual effort and administration within the HR and Payroll departments, saving the equivalent of 10 hours a week in administrative expense. In another case, Net at Work teamed with an organization to evaluate their current HCM system. Ultimately, it was determined that the current system did not meet the organization’s specific needs and goals and was replaced with a more modern system with deeper integration and reporting capabilities. The reporting has led to deeper insights into the organization’s data that ultimately led to better business decision making.

The Net at Work Employer Solutions team can provide an independent analysis and objective view and offer advisement on best practices, system improvements, and streamlined HR processes. We can also help prioritize improvements with stakeholders based on business impact, cost, and timeframe. Ultimately, Net at Work’s vision is to help its customers unleash the power of their business. By doing this, we can help companies continuously improve and overcome any future challenge that lies ahead.