ERP in Process Manufacturing

By: | Category: Distribution / Manufacturing, ERP

A recent Aberdeen Survey on process manufacturers identified the top pressures driving their ERP strategies, the key functionality necessary for success, as well as the benefits of ERP in process manufacturing. Their research found that while there are some capabilities process manufacturers are more likely to have implemented which are valuable for manufacturers of all types, there are others that are particularly important in process manufacturing.

These capabilities are particularly important for process manufactures because of the nature of the business, which can include time-sensitive materials that may spoil and increased regulation. These essential capabilities include:

  • The ability to trace materials and products in order to perform a recall if necessary
  • Enhanced demand planning and forecasting capabilities
  • Centralized repositories of regulatory information
  • Automatic alerts of non-compliance

By selecting ERP, such as Sage ERP X3, that can support these processes, process manufacturers can help to ensure that quality products are received and that their organization is able to stay compliant.

If you would like to learn more, send us a request for the complete Aberdeen white paper: ERP in the Process Industries – Functional Ingredients to Create a Good Mix. Also, have a look at the Process Manufacturing Suite in Sage ERP X3.