Get Rewarded For Referring Net at Work

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“I just referred Net at Work to the CEO of a manufacturing company I met at a trade show. Over the years you’ve always been there when we needed it, I was delighted to make the recommendation.” – An unsolicited referral from a long-standing Net at Work customer

These are the types of responses that drive us, that validate all the effort and care we put into providing all of our clients– and partners – with responsive support, solutions tailored to their business, and always going the extra mile.

We appreciate the positive words, which we make sure we live up to – sometimes exceed! – every day. We’ve built our business on positive word of mouth. Raving Fans! We know what it means when one of our clients refers us – they are giving their word, something that’s not offered lightly.

So for all of you who’ve been generous in referring us over the years, thank you! From this point forward, we want to do more than express our appreciation, we want to say thank you by giving you $100 for every referral you send our way. There are only two requirements to qualify:

1. Your referral must be to a new customer to Net at Work and…
2. Your referral must be accepted by Net at Work as a qualified lead.

Do you know any other company that needs a technology makeover? Have you met anyone recently who might benefit from getting to know us? In addition to the satisfaction that comes from making a recommendation that a colleague or friend will deeply appreciate, we will happily send you a gift card for $100, or make a donation on to the charity of your choice.

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