Help the Country Defeat the COVID-19 Pandemic
Connecting Manufacturers of Critical Raw Goods with Organizations in Need

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To defeat the COVID-19 pandemic our nation has to move critical raw materials faster and provide greater visibility and access to finished goods.

Net at Work is proud to be associated with EchoSystem who is doing their part to assist in the supply chain during this time of crisis. EchoSystem recently launched its Visibility and Procurement Platform (VAPP) to reduce the fragmentation and inefficiencies of sourcing critical materials needed to combat COVID-19 and to provide visibility and access for the organizations most in need.

Sell vital raw materials and goods and ship to the people around the country that need them most

  • Gain access to buyers in need of critical goods across the country
  • Control pricing to ensure fair market value
  • Ensure fast delivery with built-in payment and freight logistics
  • Free, no cost platform for the duration of the pandemic

Purchase raw materials and finished goods to battle COVID-19

  • Gain nationwide access to supply of vital raw materials and critical finished goods
  • 100% turn-key solution with built-in payment and bulk freight logistics
  • Safeguards ensure you are working with accredited suppliers
  • Avoid price-gouging with transaction logging and system-wide monitoring
  • Free, no cost platform for the duration of the pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions about VAPP

What will VAPP achieve?
Provide real time visibility and procurement capabilities of critical raw materials and finished goods necessary to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also assure that only accredited and authorized parties have access to these resources. Lastly it allows local and state governments to post lists of finished goods they need and distributors and producers of raw materials to trade and sell critical items among each other.

Who can utilize VAPP?
Any accredited trade group, government agency, military, or non-profit focused on COVID-19 relief and support (e.g., No Kid Hungry, American Red Cross, etc.)

What products can be sold on VAPP?
Any product listed on Schedule A or Schedule B. The updated real-time list can be viewed by clicking here:

Schedule A: Raw materials necessary for producing critical items to combat COVID-19 that can be traded between distributors (and eventually producers and manufacturers).

Schedule B: Finished goods such as N95 Masks, Gloves, etc.

Can I buy finished goods such as N95 masks on VAPP?
If you are an approved entity with valid needs, yes. We prioritize hospitals, health care clinics, government agencies, and non-profits.

How are payments handled?
All payment terms are NET 30 and EchoSystem automates the process via their ACH integration.

How are shipments handled?
We are fully integrated with a network of 25,000 carriers that can handle any type of goods including hazardous.

For more information about VAPP or to sign up, please contact us.