Here We Grow Again
Meet Our New Sage X3 Team Members

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Net at Work’s Sage X3 team is growing again. To better support our ever-increasing number of clients, we have added 7 new members to our Sage X3 team this quarter. They bring decades of expertise to the team in the areas of Project Management, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemical. Please take a moment to learn more about the skills each brings to our practice.

We are pleased to welcome….

Mark Miller
Sage X3 Team Manager | Direct: 646-517-1012

Mark has over 10 years’ experience implementing the Sage X3 product in various roles. Additionally, he has multiple years working with ERP application implementations providing clients with knowledge and guidance. He has managed multiple internal and external companywide ERP implementations. He has a strong manufacturing and distribution background combined with X3 interaction. Mark continues to build on his 30 plus year career in successively more responsible roles in manufacturing, inventory, planning, shipping and production reporting, gaining experience and insight through project managing ERP implementations, transitioning into corporate information technology management and consulting.

Scott Graybill
Solutions Architect | Direct: 646-293-1731

Scott brings over 20 years of technical experience including 10+ years implementing Sage X3. During his tenure, he has consulted across multiple industries including but not limited to distribution, manufacturing, transportation, food and beverage, pharma/nutraceutical and chemical. He enjoys learning about a customer’s needs, then defining, designing and implementing that vison in the Sage X3 product. Prior to working with Sage X3, Scott designed and implemented Warehouse Management and Shipping Interface Systems. Scott holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Systems.

Mike Shields
Project Manager | Direct: 646-585-8813

Michael brings over 15 years of enterprise systems implementation and project management experience to Net at Work. He has served companies in the manufacturing, industrial products, and energy industries. He has primarily worked with Sage X3 for the past few years, having led or been a key contributor in deploying the solution for global distribution companies. His client focus, and strong personal commitment to project success and collaborative attitude in projects have been key traits that have helped him succeed in those endeavors.

Norm Hawkins
Software Developer, Sage X3 | Direct: 646-293-1778

Norm has been working with Sage X3 for 13 years doing ERP customizations, technical training/support and Crystal reports. His background includes software development across several platforms and a wide variety of industries from automotive to robotics. He specializes in productivity enhancements and Crystal Reports design for Sage X3. Norm is Sage certified as both a X3 Technical Consultant and X3 ERP Developer.

Don Morey
Account Executive, Sage X3 | Direct: 920-981-4325

Don has been working in the enterprise application software space for 20+ years and Sage X3 for 5+ years. His expertise spans many industries including discrete & process manufacturing, consumer products goods, regulated industries, wholesale distribution, among others. He combines a strong functional and technical background with excellent communications and interpersonal skills in helping clients evaluate the best possible combination of products and services to meet their business needs, goals and objectives.

Mark Pinard
Sales Engineer, Sage X3 | Direct: 646-517-6075

Mark has been working in ERP market for over 25 years. He has two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Business Administration and Computer Sciences. He has over 13 years of experience demonstrating Sage ERP X3 into complex business environments. Mark has extensive experience with process manufacturing verticals, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and discrete manufacturing.

Mary Simon
Consultant, Sage X3 | Direct: 646-517-6078

Mary is a Chemical and Materials Engineer. In the 1990s she owned a software/internet company automation business installing POS software and hardware in small to medium businesses. She has worked with Sage X3 for over 6 years starting in X3 support then as a PSG consultant. She has experience with many of the ISVs that integrate with X3. She has successfully implemented X3 into a number of distribution and manufacturing companies. As a Professional Service consultant at Net at Work she continues to help companies complete implementation of X3 in a cost effective and timely fashion.