How Document Management is More than a Supercharged Filing Cabinet

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The term “document management” often evokes visions of going modern, paperless, green – and all are accurate! Yes, a document management solution can help you to ditch those filing cabinets. Yes, your office can transform from one whose operations revolve around off-site files to one whose operations are optimized by the integration between your ERP and document management solutions. How? Because files can be directly accessed from your ERP software, document management system, web clients on any browser, and even mobile devices.

While a document management solution can act as your company’s own supercharged filing cabinet, a good system can do much more.

You can also utilize the solution to configure new documents. For instance, with DocLink document management’s Smart Form Toolkit, users can configure personalized UI to collect data used to process and approve documents, quickly see related documents, and even generate new ones.

What does this mean to you? If you use forms unique to your business on a regular basis, you could be saving time with Smart Forms instead.

One DocLink Smart Forms user – a healthcare business – had previously been processing claims and reimbursements for patients the manual way. With Smart Forms, however, their clients now fill out an electronic form (which enters the information into DocLink), and the form is routed automatically for approval. Once approved and entered into the ERP solution, the data is then used to fill a medical reimbursement letter. Details like name, facility of service, reason for reimbursement, and dollar amount are all generated automatically from the Smart Form. This saves employees time and reduces opportunities for human error.

Smart Forms are often used for HR on-boarding, new vendor requests, the check review process, check requests, purchase order requisitions, and expense reports – but keep in mind that they can help with any forms your organization needs.

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