How Software Companies Can Grow with The Right Technology Solution

By: | Category: ERP

One of the exciting things about software and technology companies is that they operate in a rapidly evolving industry. Software and technology is unarguable one of the fastest growing industry of all. Companies can go from startup to IPO to global enterprise to acquisition in just a couple of years.

The life cycle of technology companies is often predictable and can be divided into four phases, startup, midmarket, up-market and enterprise. Each stage comes with different challenges. In choosing a business system, companies need to consider if the solution is able to scale with each customer growth an if the solution is future-proof for their business.

A major challenge lies in finding a business system that can keep up with these changes. Companies should plan early to adopt systems that enable growth, identify and mange risks, and balance the need for flexibility and innovation with the need for strong controls, reporting and auditing.

Companies need a solution that can help them to grow and scale, and also transform their business in each stage of growth. Does your software solution meet the needs of your business today and will it adapt to meet your future business needs?

As a trusted technology adviser, Net at Work offers a diverse range of solutions that can help your company through each phase of the software life cycle. For example, NetSuite, one of our ERP offerings is purpose-built with specific capabilities for software companies.

For a solution that meets the need of your software company at every stage of its life cycle, speak to our technology experts today.