How to Keep Clients for Life & Tips on Using Technology to Empower your Staff

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Raving fans are those clients that will promote you, pay your prices, and tell you what you need to hear when things donít go perfectly. It is these loyal customers that really provide the foundation in your profitability. And, the key to keeping your own employees happy can be directly related to the types of customers you have and how they interact with your staff. Research shows that a 5% increase in customer loyalty yields a 25-100% increase in profits.

We invite you to join us for a breakfast networking seminar in New York where you will learn how to reduce marketing spend, retain both customers and employees, and use technology to drive the profit margins we are all seeking.

Key Topics to be Discussed:


  • How customer loyalty as a strategy gives your company competitive advantage and market dominance
  • Why customer loyalty and employee loyalty rise and fall together
  • How to distinguish customer service from customer loyalty, and a customer loyalty strategy from a customer loyalty program
  • How the structure of your organization provides the backbone to empower customer loyalty
  • What Gallup research has to say about your processes and points of connection
  • Latest research on rewards and recognition systems to support your strategy
  • Why people development is crucial for your customer loyalty strategy and long term competitive advantage


  • Explaining why a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) foundation is essential to any customer loyalty initiative
  • Discussing various methods for leveraging real time information as proactive selling and service differentiators
  • Using the concepts of workflow to enable accountability and flexibility within your operations
  • Evaluating your current systems and creating a go forward plan to execute your business strategy
  • Using your human intelligence to stay in touch with customers and evolving technology to keep pace with the “customer experience”