How to Setup a Default Date Range for Reports in Sage X3

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If you regularly run reports in Sage X3 with the same date ranges, creating a default date range for reports and inquiries can save you time and minimize the risk of errors from manual data entry. You can always override the default start and end dates, if need be, at the report level just by typing the desired date over the default date.

In this blog, we will look at how to set up a default start and end date for a particular user.

Setting Up a Default Date Range at the User Level

  1. Go to Setup > Users > Users
  2. Select the applicable User
  3. Click on the Parameters tab
  4. Within the Parameters section, find Chapter = Supervisor and Group = DEF (Default Group)
  5. Click the More Options menu and select Detail
  6. Update the following parameters to the desired start and end dates:
    1. DATEDEBDFT (Default Start Date)
    2. DATEFINDFT (Default End Date)
    3. DATSTADEB (Statistical start date)
    4. DATSTAFIN (Statistical end date)
  7. When finished, click OK and save

Here is a short video by Sage that walks you through the process:

For more information about setting up default start and end dates in Sage X3, or for any other questions about Sages X3, please contact us.