HR Actions For Sage HRMS

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Web-based self-service system streamlines delivery of HR services

You can revolutionize the workflow of your HR and Payroll departments with the Sage endorsed solution—HR Actions® for Sage HRMS. This self-service, Web-based system streamlines delivery of HR services and makes it easy to collect and approve the data that feeds Sage HRMS.

Streamline Workflows

You can involve the entire workforce, including employees, managers and administrators, and make data entry by HR and payroll staff a thing of the past. Interactive Web-based forms replace paper forms, are easy to use, and result in submitted forms that are complete, accurate, and secure.

HR Actions can automate the collection of data directly from employees using employee-initiated forms such as skills and time-off and leave requests. Employees can complete self-appraisals and complete the final sign-off after meeting with their supervisors. Your HR and Payroll-related activities can become more efficient and consistent, while HR and payroll workers maintain complete control.

HR Actions can automate nearly every manager-initiated personnel action including hiring requests, promotions, transfers, pay changes, job changes, and termination requests. Managers can initiate forms for their direct and skip-level reports. Forms for existing employees show current values side by side with fields to enter the requested changes. Managers are notified by email of forms needing approval and can cancel or see the status of a form while it is being routed for approval.

Build Efficiency

Efficiencies are created with the ability to create, route, and approve forms via self-service. Setup is easy even for non-technical Sage HRMS users. The forms you design can be simple and error-free with easy-to-use dynamic fields. Updated forms are immediately available to the organization, accelerating HR and payroll transactional processing.

Create Consistency

The HR Actions workflow engine is designed to meet your business needs, so you don’t have to change your business processes to match a fixed workflow. Without any programming, you can define business rules that determine how many approvals are required and the sequence of the approval chain. Routing rules can be based on individual forms, business units, or the type of change being requested. You can ensure all required fields are properly completed using the Sage HRMS codes and business rules. Forms display current data, and you can configure an unlimited number of approval levels for each form.

Approvers can be any number or combination of HR executives, supervisors, or an unlimited number of named role-based approvers. The Web-based workflow enforces your internal policies for required approvals. Forms are automatically routed electronically for online approval.

Monitor And Control

HR Actions gives you the ability to monitor forms throughout the entry and approval process. Managers and HR staff have real-time visibility into the forms being routed for approval. It is easy to see who has approved forms, where bottlenecks exist, and to view the content of forms wherever they are in the process. HR can control the flow of a form at any time by advancing it to the next approver, pushing it through the entire approval sequence or canceling the form. HR controls the final update of Sage HRMS for each approved form. Audit capabilities are enhanced with centralized access to information.

Forms For The Entire Employment Life Cycle

HR Actions ships with more than 30 example forms that encompass the entire employment life cycle, from pre-employment to retirement. Templates make it easy to get started; each form can be configured to your organization’s needs or copied to be used as the basis for your own custom form. Forms are built using a wizard and no programming skills are required. Example forms included with HR Actions:

Pre-Employment / Onboarding

  • Requisition to Hire
  • New Hire
  • Rehire

Employee Self-Service

  • Personal Details
  • Forwarding Address
  • Sick Time
  • FMLA/LOA Request
  • Custom Details
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Appraisal

Manager / HR Self-Service

  • Transfer
  • Promotion
  • Pay Status
  • Attendance Adjustment
  • Corrective Action
  • OSHA Incident
  • Retirement
  • Termination/COBRA
  • Custom Details
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Appraisal

Increase Productivity

With the elimination of paper forms, transaction throughput is increased and manual data entry is reduced. Everyone saves time as approved forms update Sage HRMS with a click of the mouse.

New HR Actions Version 10.2

HR Actions Version 10.2 is now shipping, and is compatible with Sage HRMS, (Versions 10.1 and 8.x) and Sage Abra Suite HRMS (Versions 9.x and 7.7x). This version offers new features that make it even easier to complete online forms and includes enhanced employee onboarding capabilities.

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