HR Webcast Series: Return to Work Strategic Workflow Sessions

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As a result of the pandemic we recognize that today’s business environment is complex and that those complexities hamper business growth. We know that employers face the daunting task of business continuity and growth during this crisis and as we are coming out of the crisis.

Human resources is one of the most important components of the economic recovery. Without proper human resource management, company infrastructure becomes fragmented and inefficient, hindering the business’s strategic goals.

To assist as we can in this manner, our Employee Solution group has launched a series of complimentary recorded HR focused webcasts designed to provide insights and suggestions how you can develop and address your organization’s strategic goals.

Learn more about how you can implement workflows to address these important strategic goals and objectives. Sessions cover these areas:

  • Creating and maintaining a safe working environment for employees
  • Ensuring effective utilization and maximum development of human resources
  • Achieving and maintain high morale among employees
  • Enhancing employee capabilities to perform the present job and prepare for future job requirements
  • Building a sense of employee engagement, teamwork and inter-team collaboration

Here is a list of the webcast topics. You can watch them all on-demand here.

  • Return to Work – Safety/OSHA Impact and Concerns: Whether you are partially operating or are completely restarting, you will need to safely address workplace readiness, new safety protocols, business continuity, and so much more. Are you ready?
  • Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Organizations – This live webinar will center around Emotional Intelligence as it relates to these times. We will cover the need for it in all interactions between staff members and customers, as well as ensuring self-care to manage through the stress of it all.
  • Recruiting, WOTC Prescreening & Electronic Onboarding – 35 million people are unemployed in numbers not seen since the Great Depression. As you ramp back up, you are going to get thousands of applicants for each job. This live webinar will cover finding the best candidates, tax credit options for new hires, and how you can most efficiently bring new staff on board.
  • The Evolution of Employee Benefits – Employee benefits have evolved since the beginning of the year. Join this live webinar as we discuss the all the different topics centered around basic benefits, healthcare costs, innovative voluntary and fringe benefits and more.
  • Further Conversations on COVID-19 Federal Stimulus – Join this webinar as we highlight “what’s new” and give the latest updates on the COVID-19-related federal stimulus.