If You’re Thinking SaaS or Cloud Did You Consider Virtualization?

By: | Category: Cloud Computing

Earlier this week I wrote a blog for the Sage ERP Business Management Blog titled 5 Reasons CFOs Are Embracing On-Premise Software. I wrote about how many companies have been taking a closer look at on premise CRM solutions after analyzing the costs of Software as a Service (SaaS) & the costs of integrating their internal systems to external ones. I mentioned that in today’s environment, with the affordability of virtualization, many customers can actually realize a lower total cost of ownership by doing their own “private” cloud.

Since firms need to refresh hardware over time and SaaS is being considered more frequently for applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it is likely that many of our customers will be facing these decisions too. The value of Net at Work is that we not only do business applications but all of the hardware infrastructure to support them. If you want to learn more about how to determine if a virtual environment may be right for you we have engineers that can help you through the process.

For more on this topic see a recent post There’s Never Been a Smarter Time to Virtualize by Mathew Hegarty, Net at Work Infrastructure Practice Director.