Integrated Payment Processing for Sage ERP

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Sage ERP Credit Card Processing powered by Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) provides Sage ERP customers the benefits of integrated credit purchase processing from a single vendor. And having payment processing in-house with SPS enables Sage to pass savings on to customers, resulting in lower total cost of ownership for you.

Why Sage Payment Solutions?

Imagine processed payments automatically flowing into your Sage ERP system, regardless of how you process a payment—over the phone, at your retail counter, on the Web, or even via your cell phone. Sage Payment Solutions, the leader in payments automation, makes integrated payments a reality, wherever your business operates. With SPS you can get paid faster, expand your sales channels, reduce payment processing costs, and have all your payment transaction data automatically flow into Sage ERP.


Getting started is easy, too. Sage Payment Solutions seamlessly auto connects data from your credit card terminals, check MICR readers, and mobile payment devices (like your cell phone) back into Sage ERP. You save time, money and precious resources by eliminating the hassle of manually re-entering checks and payment receipts into your accounting software. This also reduces the risk of error, improves audit trail data, and provides you the most accurate picture of your finances and cash flow.

An Integrated Solution

Whether your customers place orders over the phone, through mail order, or through a web page, Credit Card Processing provides a complete solution. Data can be entered through the Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules. Transactional information, such as authorization codes, is captured and stored for historical and reconciliation purposes. Fraud prevention features protect both you and your customers from unauthorized credit card usage.

Points Of Interface

Sage Credit Card Processing allows you to initiate and manage credit card transactions from many areas of the software, including Sales Order Entry, Payment Entry, Invoice Entry, Invoice Processing, Cash Receipts, Down Payments, Customer Returns, Customer Maintenance, and Tender Types. Here we take a roles-based perspective of the available tasks in Credit Card Processing.

  • Sales: You can process a deposit or down payment. Multiple authorizations per order are supported, so at the same time you can process a pre-authorization for the balance due. You even can use different credit cards to process partial payments against the order.
  • In The Warehouse: For orders with a long lead time, you may want to re-authorize a sale before picking, to make sure funds are available. This is supported within the Picking function.
  • Shipping: To confirm that a credit card transaction is valid before shipping, you can capture funds during shipping (before invoicing). Within the Shipping function you also can reauthorize a new amount resulting from a partial shipment. Flexible error handling allows you to stop a shipment or generate an invoice balance when credit card transactions do not go through.
  • Accounts Receivable: Accounts receivable personnel can easily process both payments and refunds on credit cards through the Cash Receipts function. They also can apply credit card payments when invoicing in the AR module.

A Secure Solution

The combination of security features within Sage ERP and Sage Payment Solutions makes Credit Card Processing a highly secure solution. Proprietary Sage ERP data file encryption capabilities increase the security of customer data by automatically encrypting credit card account numbers using an algorithm unique to your installation. You can set permissions to control access to credit card information by user or role. Use Customizer to control access to sensitive data by making credit card information read-only or hidden for selected users or groups.

Sage Payment Solutions provides a secure connection and database for your transactions that is fully compliant with the Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard. Credit card authentication at multiple levels helps prevent fraud and give your organization the lowest possible processing fees. The system uses Credit Verification Value (CVV2) to verify card authenticity, which helps reduce chargebacks for e-commerce and mail order purchases. Multiple address verification options add an additional layer of credit card authentication.

Secure Online Reporting

Sage Payment Solutions increases operational efficiency with full online reporting, including historical data. Comprehensive reports allow you to see Settled Batches, Deposit Amounts, Statements, Chargebacks, Transaction History, and more.

Secure 24/7 online access to all your key transaction information is included for your merchant account.

Merchant Account Provided

Sage Payment Solutions makes it easy for businesses to accept electronic payments, and has done so for 17 years. Funds collected from credit card transactions are automatically deposited into your existing business bank account.

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