It’s an Exciting Time for Sage Accpac ERP

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Sage Accpac ERP users, current and prospective, have a lot to be excited about. I just got back from the annual Accpac Third Party Developers (TPAC) conference in Vancouver where I learned about a lot of exciting new things happening with Accpac.

We saw previews of the next generation of Accpac, Version 6, which has a very contemporary new web browser user interface that is absolutely beautiful and very easy to use. It also has some great new inquiry and workflow enhancements that I am sure you will love.

The main focus of the conference was on what are called Accpac Add-on products. Did you know there is literally a world of companies that have developed dozens of complementary products that add functionality to Accpac?

These companies are called Third Party Developers and each year they gather at this conference. Since Accpac is very much an international product, I met people from all over the world, Australia, China, Dubai, South Africa, USA, Canada, New Zealand, England and more.

The conference which is held annually in Vancouver, Canada, the home of Accpac, is a time for these companies to get together, share ideas and resources, and show off their latest wares to the Sage Accpac Partner Community.

Net at Work was represented by, Valentine Domange, Solution Architect, Sandy Needham, Net at Work Director of Operations, and long time Accpac Partner, and me, Peter Conway, your Accpac Account Manger.

While I am relatively new to Accpac ERP, I have been putting together business software solutions for almost 3 decades.  I have worked with dozens of software packages over the years and I must say I am very excited, as should you be, about all that Accpac has to offer businesses today. Here are some examples:

Now more than ever business owners and managers want to make the most of their business data. The great news is that there are more and more great ways to do that. We saw many new and improved Business Intelligence tools; we liked Information Manager with the new Info-Explorer from Orchid Systems. We also liked the improvements to the best end user reporting tool, Stonefield Query for Accpac. In their new version 4 they have included what are called Application Views which combine relevant data to make report writing even easier.

Controlling expenses is always on the mind of most business people. Tools like eRequester from Paperless Business Systems and Purchasing Workflow from Pacific Technology make controlling purchases fast and easy.

Saving money is one thing but collecting it is even more important. One way to accomplish that is through electronic payment processing. Paytelligence a hot new product, that is setting a new standard for ease of use and efficiency in their fully integrated Payment Processing solution for Accpac.

I really liked Sage ERP Accpac Time Billing by Enabling. It is a very well designed solution for companies that need project based time and expense tracking and billing. It integrates well with Outlook and Accpac.

There were dozens of other great products for e-commerce, service management, manufacturing and more that I will talk about in future posts.

The big “Wow” product for me was a tool called z.Find Enterprise Application Search by EVS. It is not actually released yet for Accpac but it allows users to search their business systems with a Google like search that finds information across modules and systems at lightning speed and with super accurate presentation.

All in All it is very exciting times for Accpac and I am happy to be a part of the movement.

If you would like to learn more about how to enhance your business with these solutions contact me at 212-997-5200 extension 4333 or via email.