It's Time to Move Beyond ERP
Meeting Today's Globalization Challenges

Today’s chemical manufacturing leaders have realized that complex, inflexible ERP solutions don’t meet their needs anymore. Download the e-Book to discover a modern alternative to ERP, and learn:

  • How you can tell your ERP is no longer fit for purpose
  • How modern enterprise management can overcome key industry challenges
  • The questions you should ask your enterprise management vendor

Download Your Free E-Book:

Why Net at Work?


As a leading Sage partner, Net at Work is an expert in implementing and supporting Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3). Our knowledge of the chemicals industry means we understand the challenges faced by your business, the increasingly competitive environment in which you operate, and the need to deliver manufacturing excellence.

Based on our experience working with chemical businesses, we have enhanced the Enterprise Management solution for environmental and regulatory compliance, safety, and more to meet the unique demands of your industry.

Why Sage X3?


Sage X3 takes the complexity out of running your business. Providing full visibility of operations, it delivers the insights, control and flexibility needed to improve efficiency, drive growth and prepare for whatever comes next—wherever you are in the world.

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