Mastering eCommerce and Omnichannel as a Distributor

By: | Category: Distribution / Manufacturing, eCommerce, ERP

Wholesale customers want and expect the same kind of convenience and immediate gratification that you want as a consumer. Meeting these demands is difficult using antiquated, disparate systems that weren’t designed to tackle the rigors of today’s eCommerce and Omnichannel selling environment.

In this recorded webcast we will review the key challenges holding distributors back from realizing their full potential in the online and offline selling environment, and what businesses need to do to tackle the rigors of today’s omnichannel selling environment.

Along with a detailed demo of NetSuite for Distributors, the #1 Cloud ERP, we will cover these topics:

  • Trends and technologies driving customer expectations in Wholesales Distribution
  • How to respond to growing demand for more responsiveness and insights
  • The importance of Cloud and ERP technology & optimized inventory management
  • Why unified financials, CRM, eCommerce & inventory management is key to success in distribution

Tune in an see how leading distributors have Transformed their distribution businesses with unified Cloud ERP complete with eCommerce