Artistic Tile Lays Foundation for Growth with Migration from Legacy Accounting Software to
Next Generation Distribution ERP

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When it comes to high-end tile and stone, Artistic Tile has carved out a place in the market where they are known for their truly unique and elegant designs inspired by both modern patterns and antiquities from around the globe. The family-owned and operated business has been designing their products in-house and distributing them to discerning customers since 1987. Today Artistic Tile maintains nine showrooms, an online storefront and a network of authorized retailers and dealers.

While the company continues to deepen its stance as a distributor of premium building materials among consumers, architects, engineers and contractors, its legacy accounting software wasn’t matching its high-growth trajectory. The overall performance of the 30-year-old business system was slow and it required programming resources to re-write customizations for each new release, which lacked functional advancements. Executives became even more concerned that a complete loss of data could be imminent as daily server resets became the norm.

“It was no longer worth the upgrade just to maintain data stability,” said Joshua Levinson, Artistic Tile’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “We knew we needed to make a bold, strategic move, so we brought in Net at Work.”

Finding the Right Fit

A technology consultancy for small-to-mid-sized (SMB) organizations throughout North America, Net at Work serves as a digital transformation strategist, guiding leaders through 360-degree business assessments, IT governance and operations management through software selection, implementation, vendor management and ongoing support. The partnership between Artistic Tile and Net at Work started with a Business Health Assessment (BHA), in which the functional areas, systems and processes of the distributor were graded in relation to its strategic plans and industry competitiveness. The result was a recommendation to migrate its end-of-life accounting system to a Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Next Generation ERP represents a dramatic shift from previous iterations of ERP, and embodies three distinct characteristics:

  1. Adaptive for fast-changing business needs
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based for efficiency and innovation
  3. Accessible for interactions beyond the browser

As a true cloud ERP with functionality and configuration well suited for a thriving distributor, NetSuite became the Next Generation ERP of choice for Artistic Tile. Once the team had landed on the right technology, they knew that they would need the right partner to guide them through the implementation process. Artistic Tile identified the need to collaborate with a team experienced with both their existing systems and processes as well as the new distribution ERP solution, and the experts at Net at Work were enlisted to carry out the project. “Our teams were committed to making this work, and Net at Work did a fabulous job executing the implementation,” says Levinson. “They learned our business and designed a solution that supports every aspect of our operation.”

Reaping the Rewards

With Net at Work at the helm of its digital transformation, Artistic Tile has moved beyond the legacy accounting software challenges that were previously holding the organization back. Now the company can focus on process automation, workflow efficiency and making timely decisions based on real-time insights. Artistic Tile is on pace to beat last year’s record-breaking revenues and is better positioned by its technology to effectively do so. “Honestly, the changes have been transformational for Artistic Tile,” says CMO Michael Epstein. “We’re seeing tremendous growth and success and our systems are powering that success.”

Learn more about Artistic Tile’s triumphs in the warehouse and the back office by accessing their complete Client Success Story. For more information about how Net at Work can help accelerate your own digital transformation, contact us today.