New Document Management Functionality in Sage ERP X3

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As a follow up to our earlier post Sage ERP X3 Version 6.5 – What’s New, here we highlight the new document management functionality featured in this latest release of Sage X3.

Beyond system-generated documents,now you can capture and monitor the flow of all business documents, increase archiving efficiency, and streamline document distribution by email or fax. Designed to improve business performance, these new features in the Sage X3 technology provide more control over the process and greater visibility and monitoring capabilities.

Sage X3 Features Integrated Document Management
Because Electronic Document Management (EDM) is an integrated feature of Sage ERP X3, your staff can manage all documents right within your Sage ERP X3 software. External documents related to ERP records can easily be captured, viewed, edited, and attached within your normal ERP workflow. For example, when vendor invoices are received, they can be efficiently scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and automatically indexed in the system using the document number and key words found in the document. Alternatively, they can be scanned using a broad variety of bar code formats.

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Efficient Document Retrieval
Once stored, the document management system makes it simple for your staff to efficiently search for and distribute any document. EDM helps your organization to be greener, saves on real costs such as postage, stationery, and storage space, and reduces the tedious and inefficient tasks of filing and retrieving hard copies.

Automated Document Delivery
Sage ERP X3 Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) adds the ability to automatically email or fax system-generated documents. With this release EDM can become a company-wide document storage system, allowing staff members who are not normally users of the ERP system the ability to store and retrieve documents within EDM. A separate EDM folder can be created on an employee’s desktop, providing authorized users with the ability to drag and drop documents into the system.

An integrated feature of Sage ERP X3 6.5, EDM allows management of all your documents within your normal ERP workflow without the need to connect to a third party application.

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