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Unlock The Promise of Digital Transformation

According to a 2021 study by Forrester Research, 24% of global software decision makers say they are still deploying ERP on-premises. But most legacy ERP investments, writes Forrester, fall short of the expectations for speed, flexibility and intelligence that’s so critical for the digital world.
Are you feeling the symptoms of this failure today? If your systems can’t support growth, help overcome challenges and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace – Next Generation ERP technology may be your solution.

Your Technology Partner For Every Stage of Your Business

Next Generation technology, combined with the processes and expertise of award-winning technology consultant Net at Work, works to help unleash the power of your business.

With our broad bench of experienced consultants, technological tools and established processes, we are your guide to migrate dated accounting systems, on-premise ERP and antiquated business management software for success in today’s digital marketplace. We know your existing environment, and we know your destination environment.

Cloud ERP Migration


Explore each phase of a digital transformation journey with the on-premise ERP migration professionals at Net at Work:

Cloud ERP Migration

Implementation Methodology

Data Conversion Utilities

Cloud Delivery Platform



Many organizations have made large investments into their current ERP technology and may not be ready for change. Regardless of whether your company is ready to migrate to Next Generation ERP today or is seeking to prepare its ERP and cloud strategy for a future migration, Net at Work is here to support your business to reach its fullest potential – now and in the years to come.

Cloud ERP Migration
Cloud ERP Migration


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